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Nail Services

Solar Fullset

Solar Fullset

Full Set Color $35
Full Set Pearl / White Tip $35
Pink Fill In $25
Shellac Full Set $50
Shellac Fill $42
Ombre Set $60
Ombre Fills $50
Pink and White Full Set $55
Pink and White Fill In $45
Color Powder Full Set $53
Change Color Fill $43
Fill same Color Powder $33
Shape $5
Long $5
Take off only $10
Nail Care Upgrade


Dip $45
Dip and Manicure $55
Dip French $55
Dip Ombre $60
Manicure | Nail salon San Antonio, TX 78209


Manicure Classic $16
Shellac Manicure $35
Milk and Honey Manicure $35
Cucumber Manicure $35
Nu Skin Manicure $35
Lavender Manicure $35
Pedicure | Nail salon San Antonio, TX 78209


Cucumber Cucumber $51

Maximum Skin Hydration

Fresh cucumber treatment for dry day skin relief with 20 minutes foot massage.

Cucumber sugar scrub (10 minutes)

Cucumber mask with natural cucumber slices 

Cucumber lotion massage (10 minutes)

Heavenly $50

Ultimate Foot Massage 

Tired feet relief with 20 minutes massage 

Organic French Lavender sugar scrub and mask 

Sweedish hot stone massage (10 minutes)

Lavender Oil massage (10 minutes)

Sport Pedicure $45

Gentlemen Choice 

Cryotherapy with BioFreeze to relieve calf pains and deodorize feet with 15 minutes massage.

Organic Green Tea & Sugar Scrub & Mask to deodorize (5 minutes)

Biofreeze gel leg massage (10 minutes)

Lavender $40

Ladies Choice 

Lavender lotion relaxing 10 minutes foot massage.

Organic French Lavender sugar scrub and mask

Classic $30

Maintenance Pedicure 

Cuticles removal 

Basic callus removal 

Regular polish included

Milk and Honey $60


Organic milk with French Lavender essential oil bath soaks with 30 minutes foot massage.

Milk and organic honey sugar scrub (5 minutes)

Organic honey massage (10 minutes)

Milk and honey lotion massage (15 minutes)

NUSKIN Natural Herbal $60

Ultimate Age Lock

Herbal mineral milk bath with 25 minutes foot massage.

Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice with walnut shell powder scrub (5 minutes)

Ice Dancer Eucalyptus gel calf massage (10 minutes)

Baobab body butter massage (10 minutes)

Fruity Tutti $55


Natural citrus treatment with 25 minutes foot massage.

Natural fruit with an organic sugar scrub (10 minutes)

Fruity mask with hot towels wrap (5 minutes)

Fruity lotion massage (10 minutes)



Eyebrows $12
Hand/Toes/Nose/Neck/Sideburns $10
Arms (Full) $35
Arms (Half) $30
Under Arm $30
Shoulders $20
Lip $8
Back (Full) $50
Legs (Full) $60
Legs (Half) $30
Mini Facial $35
Chin $8
Chest $25
Brazilian $50
Bikini $35
Extra Waxing Service
Kid Menu

Kid Menu

Manicure Princess $12
Pedicure Princess $22
Princess Polish Hand $7
Princess Polish Toes $10
Shellac Manicure < 10 $27
Princess Shellac Pedicure $37